Vladimir Stojakovic is a Spiritual Technology professional with over 20 years of experience and a long time student of Zivorad M. Slavinski. Vladimir runs Spiritual Technology seminars and sessions.

Spiritual Technology is a collection of methods that release stuck mental and emotional charge. There are 4 areas of Spiritual Technology: problems, goals, spiritual development and past lives. Suppressed thoughts and emotions or simply speaking “charge”, are our only problem. Our problems (traumatic experiences, negative states and reactions) consists of suppressed thoughts and emotions. Internal barriers that separate us from our goals consist of the same. Past lives memories are nothing else but suppressed thoughts and emotions. The sole reason why spiritual development was invented is charge. When we perceive ourselves and life thought the layers of charge, we have false and illusory impressions of life and the self, we believe that we are a mortal unit separated from the existence. If you know how to integrate suppressed thoughts and emotions, you can remove problems, barriers, remember past lives and accelerate your spiritual evolution towards Oneness and True Self. Simply speaking, you improve the quality of your life by having less and less negative states and reactions, and by raising your ability to take action towards your gaols. It is freedom versus stuckness. Also, you come closer and closer to you True Self which is One with the existence. Spiritual Technology methods are efficient, simple, quick and inexpensive. They are safe and work in a controlled and predictable manner.

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