True Love: An interview with Inna Segal

This episode of E-Motion Health is special for two reasons.


1. It marks the final episode in this series of E-Motion Health for 2015. We’ll be back with some new science + films in 2016. Between now + then we’ll be sending you inspiring new E-Motional blogs, feature writers + resources via our newsletter.

2. The second reasons is because this episode marks a real mile stone in our front man, Ty Hungerfords life. After countless E-Motional healing modalities (both on and off camera) Ty found a special lady who stole his heart for good) in THIS EPISODE! Filmed over 11 months ago this interview was the first meeting of Ty + Inna and since this time they’ve moved cities, created lives together + are now engaged.

So without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Intuitive Healer Inna Segal. Watch our interview with Inna here.

In this interview intuitive healer Inna shares her personal story + some profound healing wisdom:

Watch the full episode here (15 minutes):

And some words from Ty + Inna about the adventure:
Inna: I feel that I have found a soulmate in Ty. He is the man I have always dreamt of being with and sharing my life with.

From Ty: I was ecstatic when the universe gave me Justin and Frazer. Now I’m in awe, with a wife, family and a home. Frazer, Justin and I used to joke around about making a documentary about the law of attraction and me falling in love. And now it actually happened.

You can explore more if Inna’s work here

True Love: An interview with Inna Segal

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  1. Ty, thank you for sharing this interview with Inna. Ty, you are very courageous allowing your self to be exposed through healing on most of the interviews you have produced. I would like to acknowledge that.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a WONDERFUL way to start my day! Two of my most adored people in the world have found each other. As soon as I read your email mentioning love and “Inna”, I thought “surely not Inna Segal…” And YES! BINGO! Inna, I share your wisdom in my own emotional healing work and encourage those I see to research your knowledge. Ty, I loved you in E-Motion the Movie and was so thrilled that this work is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. I look forward to your E-Motion Health episodes and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Truly an amazing union. Lots of LOVE to you both xxx

  3. Amazing, Ty looked so different after the session, he looked like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. I wish I could have a session with Inna!

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