Many people who have contracted cancer lost their meaning in life – either they lost their child or lost their job or lost their passion – and as soon as they found out, like “This is my new path in life. This is the way I want to go,” then a change in their health occurred.

CANCER – the word alone can strike fear into the hearts of anyone who has seen its ravaging the body and life of a loved one. For decades, the mainstream medical community has focused their research and modalities on the use of surgery, drugs, and hormone therapy — with mixed results. Sadly, the incredible power of the human mind for helping to heal the body, was largely overlooked. Fortunately, medical pioneers like Dr. Rob van Overbruggen are making progress in rectifying this oversight. Healing Psyche describes in detail the evolution of his new and innovative concepts in psychological cancer treatment, how they differ from the more traditional psychological modalities, and how they have been carefully developed into a complete and complementary approach to treating cancer, using the power of the human mind.

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