Qi Gong – Evening Routine

Welcome to part two of our Qi Gong videos. Today Ty + TJ Franks are practicing a simple 5 minute evening Qi Gong routine. This evening routine is perfect for people with a busy mind who find it difficult to wind down before bed. Evening Qi Gong is also amazing for increasing the quality of sleep if practiced consistently.


Watch the full video here (5min 47sec):

Qi Gong is simple and gentle to practice, but be smart and start gently if this is a new practice for you. This practice is best completed every day – as Dr Darren Weissman says in E-Motion the movie“it works if you use it, it doesn’t work if you don’t”. So try this practice every morning for one week and see how your energy levels feel. Over time we have noticed subtle increases in sensitive to our own energy and also a definite energy increase when we practice Qi Gong consistently every morning.

If you missed it we also have a Free Morning Qi Gong video which you can watch here.

If you are interested in finding out more about TJ Frank visit www.tjfrankmaui.com or www.tjfrankbyron.com for Australian workshops.


Qi Gong – Evening Routine

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  1. You put the blurb for the morning routine underneath the evening routine video. Connfusing for anyone who hasn’t been following. Thanks

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