Psychosomatic Therapy with Hermann Muller

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Ty is speaking with the founder of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller.

Psychosomatic Therapy is the process between the psyche (mind) and soma (the body) that we live in. Body-mind communication exists within us every moment of our life, inside us and our awareness of our reactions outside us.


In this episode Hermann performs a face and body reading for Ty – Describing how his body reflects the emotions and memories he holds within. Ty also experiences a Psychosomatic Body Work session where specific points are activated, allowing the body to process emotions.

Watch the full episode here (13 minutes):

You can find out more about this therapy on the Psychosomatic Therapy Website.


Psychosomatic Therapy with Hermann Muller

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  1. Ty, it takes a lot of courage to expose yourself in the way you do. Your genuinely and humility is remarkable, specially in this video! There is something very special about you. I must confess, though, I would have liked to have seen a bit less ;o)

  2. OMG Ty that was so incredible. Did you ever go back and if you did were you in pain? You are a brave man Ty! I know I need to do something like this as I too carry a lot of pain from my past inside my body. I can’t find anyone in my province in Canada who is a registered practionner and part of me is thankful as the whole thing looks so painful. Your advise is appreciated. Sue

  3. Thanks, that was really interesting. It’s amazing what our faces can say about us!
    I wasn’t expecting the body work session to be so painful! You’re a brave man Ty!! LOL

  4. Practitioners are available all of the world – just visit the Psychosomatic website and see if they can recommend you someone. Good luck!

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