Muscle Testing

Welcome to today’s episode of E-Motion Health! Today Ty is talking to us about Muscle Testing, an amazing technique you can use to access your subconscious mind & find truth at a deep level.

Every muscle movement is a neurological event. As information is taken from the environment our mind processes this data at a deeply subconsciously level. The subconscious mind is 1000 times stronger than your conscious mind, and has access to so much more information that you are consciously aware.

Using muscle testing, also known as Kinesiology, you can determine what is powerful, or strong for your body, and what is weak.

Muscle Testing Ring Test

In this episode, Ty explains four different types of muscle testing so that you can use this amazing technique for yourself.

Muscle testing is also heavily featured in E-Motion the film, with many of our E-Motion Experts, such as Dr Darren Weissman and Dr Bradley Nelson, using muscle testing to guide their specific techniques.

Watch the full episode here (6.5minutes)

Books mentioned in this episode: Dr David Hawkins, Power Vs. Force


Muscle Testing

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  1. Very interesting. I tried the fingers and arm method and it surprised me. Will have to try holding food to my chest next. Can’t wait to get my dvd order so I can see the full movie

  2. Thank you very much Ty for explaining all the ways to muscle test. I only new of 2 of them!! Power vs. Force is an amazing book and has helped me along my journey!! Love & Peace, Beth

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