The ancient wisdom of Grounding

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Ty is talking to us about the ancient wisdom of Grounding, also know as Earthing.

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In many ways the Earth is a six trillion ton metric battery. This battery is constantly being replenished by lightning and solar radiation. And, just like a car battery is in charge of the electrics for your car, the Earth is in charge of the electrics of Earth – all animals & living things that are on this surface of this Earth. Water, bugs, viruses, animals and humans – everything in and around us is in electrical energy and communication with the Earth.

All energy, all movement, all the emotion, all behavior comes from electrical energy. So when we get grounded, when we get earthed, what comes from the Earth is a magnetic field. This magnetic field, which is well recognized by the scientific and medical profession, is responsible for regenerating us. This regeneration, which occurs from our feet up, feeds the fifty trillion cells in your body that are totally relying upon electrical magnetic fields to communicate, to pass on nutrients, to pass on water.

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Ty Hungerford: Good morning everybody, this is Ty from E-Motion Health and you’ll never guess what I’m doing right now. Right now I have got my feet planted in the earth and what I’m doing is I’m focusing on creating a communication between my body and the earth. It’s actually electrical energy flowing up into my body and that’s called ‘Earthing.’ That’s called getting grounded and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Like the Earth can be seen as a massive battery, like a…it’s actually a six…six trillion ton metric battery, which is constantly being replenished by lightning and solar radiation and the…and the molten core from the Earth and just like a car battery would…would be in charge of the electrics for your car, the earth is in charge of all the animals and all the living things that are on this surface and then the water, all the bugs and all the viruses and all the humans, everything is in electrical energy and communication with the Earth. All energy, all movement, all the emotion, all behavior comes from electrical energy, and so when we get grounded, when we get earthed, what comes from the Earth is a magnetic field that’s floating up from the Earth’s surface and the molten core, that heat that constantly comes up from the surface, well, that’s what regenerates us from our feet up and feed the fifty trillion cells in your body that are totally relying upon electrical magnetic fields to communicate, to pass on nutrients, to pass on water.

We’ve always knows about it. We’ve always walked and talked and played and knelt and laid down in the Earth, and now it seems that in this new industrial age we’ve lost that connection, everybody, with all these insulated shoes and insulated beds and insulated lives in concrete jungles. All of the soles of your shoes are made of rubber, like an insulator. All of our beds are elevated; not only are they elevated off the Earth, they have insulating mattresses, and what happens without us even knowing is we start to have all sorts of problems, all sorts of problems like accelerated aging, all sorts of problems like all sorts of stress disorders and dysfunctions and all the diseases that come from inflammation like cancer and diabetes and lupus and allergies, all these things are related to the inflammation of the body, and so if you haven’t got your feet in the earth at some time during the day, you’re not getting that natural energy source that comes through the body, and that’s all it takes, folks, it’s just twenty minutes a day, getting the shoes off and going for a walk on the earth or getting the you’ve got…they’ve got like these bed plates that you can get to have a copper wire attached to it, something you can stick in the ground and you can literally sleep on a bed that is earthed or you can get little mats you can put under your computer at work so your feet are attached to it.

There’s so many health benefits that we know about. It reduces stress. It does that by calming the body out. It actually cools the immune system down and it actually cools the stress hormones when you get out and get earthed.

One of the magical things it does for me, every time I go travelling I get a little bit of jetlag. You get down, take your shoes off, go stand in the grass or anywhere, any dirt that you can get for twenty minutes and literally – bam! – it’s like your polaries are being all evened out, you’re energetically balanced and you’re feeling good. You’re like, okay, I’m going to go out and __(unclear 03:42.7) some margaritas or whatever it is you’re planning to do on that trip, but you know, that’s one of the easiest and that works 100% of the time to get rid of jetlag is earthing.

Another great thing it doe sis for EMS – remember we talked about electromagnetic fields? We’re constantly being bombarded by all these manmade EMS, but by taking your shoes off and grounding, there the electrical energy that’s coming up from the Earth counterbalances all the other EMS that are coming into your body, so that’s another amazing health benefit.

One of the things it does is it reduces menstrual and hormonal stress, so all you ladies out there, you know and it’s coming to that time of the cycle, you know, and you’re going to starting to feeling a little bit edgy – take your shoes off if you’re not doing it already and go for a walk on the grass and just notice how the reduced, those…that…you know, that feeling, those emotions when they come up. This is particularly helpful for you fellows too, you know when that time is coming about, look, let’s not get an argument, let’s go for a walks, well, yeah, you know what? Let’s not wear the shoes. You don’t have to mention why. You don’t want to bring this stuff up. You know, you don’t want to trigger something. You just really want to get out here and get those shoes off. I mean, I wish I would’ve done this stuff two years ago. I probably wouldn’t be some single man. I could’ve maintained my relationship. I mean, this is cool stuff to know.

It dramatically reduces if not eliminates chronic pain. You know, there the aching and that paining, you don’t realize that all your body really needs is just to get earthed.

It just helps out sleep so much. Everyone who’s ever used earthing will find that their sleep patterns just become consistent and you get that really deep sleep. It helps with your energy flow. Yeah, it’s not like you’re going to jump in and go ‘WOW! All of a sudden off I feel like Superman!’ but if you do it constantly, days and days and days you’ll notice that you’re energy flow will be much, much better.

One of the most amazing things it does is with blood flow, like there was a guy who was having serious problems with his feet. He had no nervous…nerve feelings in his feet. He’d literally go for a walk on cold tiles and he couldn’t even feel the temperature of the tiles and he wasn’t trying all these different things and he found out about earthing, right, and he got one of the bedplates and the first day he sat on the bedplate after 20 minutes he had intense pain in his feet and he’s like ‘Argh! I’m not doing that! I’m not doing it!’ He went back to his guy and said, “Now, look, that’s normal. Stick with this. Stick with it.” So he stuck with it and after a month, he started get feeling back in his feet and he had, like, terrible bad varicose veins, like it was almost purple and black, like, really like terrible to look at and after two months, his wife kind of looked over at his feet one day and went “You know what! You’re feet look beautiful!” and he’s like “Yeah, I’ve been doing this earthing.”

There was another guy with chronic heart problems. He had, you know, a bad chest. He had rapid, rapid heartbeats and irregular heartbeats and he tried every physical medication. The guy was like a top lawyer, so he had that real business stress and some of us, we can’t avoid business stress – we’re making big decisions; we’re making a lot of money – and he started using earthing and he found that over one to two years he stopped all his medication, all the drugs and all this stuff and all the doctors and all the thousands of dollars that he spent was unnecessary. All that he needed to do was take his shoes off and go for a walk in the grass. It’s hard for people to even comprehend that. ‘Well, no, no, no! I’ve got…I’m taking this! I’m taking that!’ Don’t forget taking that, just take your shoes off and go for a walk, and they’re like ‘Oh, what do you mean?’ and I would say ‘That’s what we’re talking about, earthing, so simple.’ So…it’s so simple, but it’s true and once you get out and you start trying it, you going to notice a difference in your overall energy.

Now it’s kind of become…aware to all of us with this amazing book called Earthing. It’s been co-written by Clinton Ober, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker, and Dr. Stephen Sinatra is like a top cardiologist and he’s…he’s now using earthing and so many of his patients now are finding amazing results, and if you get this book and have a look through it, there’s so many cool testimonies and there’s too many for us to talk about, but if you get the book, you’ll just see it now and that will really give you confidence and it will give you inspiration, and you’ll get you to just go ‘You know what, I’m going to do this. Stuff this! I’m getting my shoes off and I’m going for a walk,’ and in fact, I think that’s what we’re going to do right now. Folks, you have had enough of looking at me. I’ve had enough of talking about his. You’re going to experience it for yourself. You’re going to get your shoes off. Alright, go on, get your shoes off and go for a walk right now, on the grass, on the dirt and keep doing this day after day and you’re going to go ‘You know what, that Ty from Alternative Heath, he was right, man! I feel so much better!’ ‘And what have you been doing man?’ ‘I’ve been going to doc? No! I’ve been going out and getting earthed! That’s it!’

Alright, guys, go get earthed! Take your shoes off! Go on, see ya! {Kiss.} Love you. bye-bye!


The ancient wisdom of Grounding

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  1. Every time my son and i go to the community garden we both take our shoes and socks off. always. Unless it’s winter if i don’t do it, my son insists on it.
    As kids my cousins and I ditched the shoes as soon as we got to the summer place – and did not put them back on before the end of the summer when it was time to go back to the city.

  2. Grounding is great, but most people overlook a crucial thing: When you ground your bed in an urban area, using a wire that is stuck into the earth, it can backfire on you. The reason is that in most urban areas the homes are filled with microwave radiation from cell phones, WIFI, smart meters and the like. If you sleep on a grounding mat, all the radiation in the house will travel through your body! So this is not recommended at all as it can negatively affect your health.

  3. We love this idea, however are there any suggestions for us folks who live in North America – where we have snow and well below 0 temperatures for almost 6 months of the year? Help us northerners.

    • Hi Jodie,
      There are a few things to try! You can explore ‘earthing mats’ which are devices that link to the ground outside and can be placed under your feet in your office, or as mattress protectors. Also, bringing the outdoors in with indoor plants are another option. We hope this helps! One love, Jenna

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