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In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Ty is taking us on his Fat Cell Detox. Toxins are everywhere in this modern environment – our water, our food, the air we breathe, the medications we take – and these toxins accumulate and store in our fat cells, including our brain. So let’s get detoxed, clear our head & get into our fullest potential.

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Dr George Yu, an associate of George Washington University, is a pioneer in the research of Fat Cell detoxification and has created a potent process to treat severe cases of toxicity in people around the world including 9/11 Fire Fighters, heroine addicts and those exposed to Agent Orange. This detox involves the use of Niacin, Activated Charcoal + an Infrared Sauna.

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DISCLAIMER: For legal reasons we are required to inform you that the information presented here is the opinion of the presenter only, it does not constitute medical advice & you should seek a professional opinion if you are unsure about what is best for your health.

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Ty Hungerford: Hello, everybody! This is Ty and today we’re going to talk about a ‘Fat Cell Cleanse.’

Now, what a Fat Cell Cleanse is it’s basically a detox of all your fat cells. Why is it essential to do a detoxes? I mean, we hear a lot about detox these days; it’s like a fad. There’s liver detoxes. There’s all sorts of stuff out there, but the fat cell cleans is the only thing that will get toxins out of your fat cells and your brain is 60% fat cells. Your liver basically has the job of getting rid of all the toxins in your body. It basically, how it starts is the liver has fat in there that hides all the toxins in the fat in your liver and then, when that gets overridden, which it does, all of us has, it goes into that; all the toxins go into the fat in your body and eventually it all gets up into your brain and your body is just literally riddled with toxins.

I mean, you could take the healthiest man in the best place on the Earth, like from the Himalayas, put him in a sauna, get his sweat, test his sweat and there’ll be toxins in it. It’s in everything. It’s in the air that you breathe. It’s in the water that you drink, in the chlorine, the fluoride. All the food that you eat, the pesticides, the herbicides. You know and worse than all the food and water and everything else is drugs – pharmaceutical prescription and non-prescription drugs. You know what’s in there? Every single drug that you ever take for headaches, for pain-killing, for…for anything, it’s got residue. That residue sits in your body. That residue can sit in your body for your entire life. You could’ve had drugs twenty years ago for, say, like an anaesthetic for getting your wisdom teeth taken out and it’s still sitting in your body and it’ll stay there and it always just sits there.
Now, that’s what the Fat Cell Cleanse can do.

There’s a guy who’s kind of at the forefront of all of this – his name is Dr Yu – Dr Y-U – and he’s basically now saving the 911 fire-fighters; he’s saving the guys from the Gulf War; he’s still saving people who’ve got the Agent Orange. There’s 911 fire-fighters who are still dying, because there’s so much toxins in their blood from all that air they were breathing and all the rest of it and Dr Yu with his Fat Cell Cleanse is saving their lives. That’s how we know it works and you know that the other big reason why we know it works is because we’ve got a much bigger success rate of stopping heroin addicts in Europe from going back to heroin.

See, up until date they’ve only had about a 23% success rate with heroin addicts not reoffending. Now with the Fat Cell Cleanse, it’s like double or triple that. You get enough of their residue out of their fat cells, so they don’t get that urge to go back into heroin.
Now most of us aren’t heroin addicts, right? But we still have toxins in our bodies, so that’s why we can use it just to get rid of the residues from all the pharmaceutical drugs that we’ve taken and through all the food and water that we’ve been doing.

It’s very simple, alright. All you need is vitamin B3, niacin. Now, vitamin B3 comes in two different types. There’s one type that just the normal supplement and there’s this niacin, which gives you the hot flush. Basically, how that works is it opens up your capillaries. The niacin opens up your capillaries and it splits open your fat cells and out comes all the fatty tissues, but also the big ‘T’, right? And the toxins come flying up. Now, you can take up…I’ve been taking about 50mg. You can…you can take up to 200…200mg. The guys like the 911 fire-fighters, they’re taking 5000mg. Now, the average person doesn’t need to ever take any more than 200 – 200 is fine. Through your own experimentation you’ll work your way through it and you’ll find out what’s this…what’s the right dosage for you to take, because after you’ve been doing it for a while, you know, you might be able to take 200mg. At first you might just be happy taking 50, because you get this real hot flush and go ‘Okay…I’ve…I’ve taken enough.’ The ideal scene would be to do it for a moth. If you could do this for a month, one day every day for a month, you will literally get rid of every single toxin in your fat cells. So we take the niacin – step 1.

Then from there, you do 20 minutes of exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a run, doing sit-ups, doing jumps – you just need to get the blood flowing. We’re going to use a rebounder today. A rebounder’s really good, because of…the jumping up and down gets your lymphatics flowing and that’s one of the big ways we get toxins out of our bodies, we get that lymph system moving. So, you do 20 minutes of exercise, doesn’t matter what it is and then we jump into an infrared sauna.

Now, these infrared saunas – I don’t know if you’ve heard about them – you can get them pretty cheap on eBay. You can get ones for like under a thousand dollars. So, you take the niacin – step 1, you do 20 minutes of exercise and you jump into an infrared sauna for 40 minutes and what’s happening now? So you kind of understand it is the niacin’s opened up your fat cells and all of a sudden all these toxins are coming flooding out. Now, they come out through two ways, through two organs – through your skin, through your sweating and into your GI tract, they’re basically come into your intestines, right? So in the sauna that’s all dumping out. You do your 40 minutes and after that, after the 40 minutes in the sauna, activated charcoal. What the activated charcoal does is it absorbs all the fat cells that have got out of your fat cells and are now floating around in your stomach, it absorbs it all so that those toxins don’t go back up into your brain.

So as soon as you’re finished with the sauna, you take the charcoal, take about 2 tablespoons in about, you know, maybe 300-400ml, guzzle that down and you just done yourself a Fat Cell Cleanse. Arguably, it’s my favourite cleanse to do. It’s one of the best cleanses going and what happens then is you start to be able to focus more. You start vibrating higher. What that means is that you can…you can focus on your dreams and your desires more with energy and passion and that’s what brings everything you want into your life. That’s why we have the detox, because the more toxins in your body, the more clogged up your cells are, the less communication is going on; it just means energy is not flowing properly through your body and that’s why it’s so essential to do detoxes, okay?

We use a good filtered water. We’ve got a filter system here; it takes all the fluoride and the chlorine out of the water. You can get the filters for your showers. You can get them for your taps and that’s something you should be thinking about, guys – fluoride is extremely poisonous. Three drops of pure fluoride and you’re dead in half an hour, so if that doesn’t prove that fluoride is absolutely poisonous, nothing else does. You know, just forget about the myths that you need it for your teeth and all the rest of it. Avoid fluoride.

Alright, so we’ve got the basics. We’ve what we need. We’ve got H2O. We’ve got niacin. We’ve got charcoal. Now, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take some niacin and we’re going to go straight into some exercise. Alright, I’ll see you in a sec.

{Ty is bouncing up and down on a rebounder.}

Alright, everyone! Now, we’ve moved into doing our exercise. You can do anything you want. You can run. You can skip. You can do whatever. We’re using a rebounder. I love rebounders. If you get one of these rebounders and you put it in your living room, you can’t help but jump on it. You can just watch a bit of TV. If you just got on for a couple of minutes a day, it’s going to make you feel good. It’s like being a child and you’re playing around doing all this bunch of stupid moves. I do this one here. It’s like you’re doing some sort of crazy little aerobics thing, you know what I mean? Jane Fonda __(unclear 07:12.4) moving stuff. In any case, so we’ve taken niacin. What we’re doing at the moment is we’re getting the niacin and the niacin is going through our bloodstream and soaking up our capillaries and we’re also working out the lymphatics.

This movement of jumping up and down, your lymphatic system kind of works alongside your circuitry system. Your circuitry system gets pumped by your heart, so your lymphatic needs to be pumped through exercise and through breathing so that’s why this is really good, because the lymphatics, it’s like a…it’s a fluid that’s thinner than your blood and it gets right up into all your cells, it gets all the nutrients into your cells and then it takes all the waste away, so even if you want to do the Fat Cell Cleanse, doing something like bouncing up and down is really good as a daily exercise, but what we’re doing is getting that lymphatic moving, we get the blood moving. So the niacin’s going all the way up, all the toxins, all the fat cells are opening up and we’ve got big toxins going now – it’s starting to come out through the skin, it’s starting coming to the GI tract and we do it for 20 minutes and that’s a…that’s been strictly worked out by Dr Yu.

I’ve been doing…I’ve done like 33 Fat Cell Cleanses, guys, and I know I’ve got rid of so much of that toxin that I’m starting to feel better. I’m starting to think clearer. I can really focus and whenever you focus on your dreams and your desires, guys, you feel really, really good. Whenever you’ve got out the toxins in your body, you feel really, really amazing. Do you understand that? That’s what this is about. It’s about being clear and having clarity, being able to focus.


Alright, guys. The alarm’s just going off. I’ve done my 20 minutes. So I’m jumping straight into the sauna. I’ll see you later.

{Ty is enters into the sauna.}

Okay, guys. So remember the process? We’ve done the niacin. We took the niacin, the Vitamin B3, we did 20 minutes of exercise and we’ve jumped straight into an infrared sauna. I’ve got my book. I usually read books in here, because it’s a 40 minutes you’ve got to…it’s better to get your mind doing something other than…because after…after 10 minutes, you’re going to start getting a little bit uncomfortable, but then you get used to it. You may even…you may not be able to do 40 minutes from the start. Maybe you’ll only do 10 minutes. You get and have a bit of fresh air, come back and do another 10 minutes. You can use a regular sauna – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, this is an infrared sauna. This is the very best way you can do it. The reason an infrared sauna is better is because as you can see the walls here, I have infrared energy going inside my body, penetrating my cells, so I’m sweating from the inside out…and you can see now with my face, you can see my arms, I’m getting those red blotchy…that red blotchy side-effect – that’s the niacin. So it’s opened up all my capillaries and your face goes really red and you start getting flushes. You need to just forget about that and remember what’s really happening is all of your fat cells are opening up, all those fatty acids and all the big T, all the toxins are pouring out of my body now.

So we’re about a quarter of the way through. As you can tell now, I’m…I’m really hot. There’s a lot of toxins coming out of my body, so make sure you drink water, guys. So I’ve got…I’ve gone through about 2 litres of rainwater today already. I particularly did a fast before I got in here; that’s the most effective way to do it.

{Ty comes out into fresh air after his 40 minutes in the sauna.}

Alright, guys, you’ve just done 40 minutes in the sauna. I’m nice and relaxed. Now remember we’ve got lots of toxins floating around in the stomach, so what have we got to do next? We’re going to take our charcoal. Activated charcoal. I got this from eBay, which you can get from eBay or any good health food store will have it. Put two tablespoons into a cup and as you can see, that’s what it is, it’s black charcoal, nice and black, Texas tea. I love this stuff…love this stuff. I love this whole process. As you get to the point…maybe when you first start off, it might be a little bit tough for you, but you get to a point where I’ve done…I’ve done 33 of these. It’s not dangerous. It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered as far as detoxing goes…and it’s fun. I enjoy it. I’m fully relaxed now. You start to have, you know, fully understand the benefits – look at this! It’s like a witchery’s brew. Look at this, like smoking, like a magical little mix of this charcoal…it’s magical. It’s magical because it absorbs all those toxins that are floating around in my stomach. Once the niacin wears off and the sweating and the heat wears off, if I didn’t this charcoal, all those toxins are liable to go back into my fat cells and in the worst case scenario, go back up into the brain and once they get back under the brain, folks, they’re very hard to get back out.

{Ty drinks his charcoal mixed with water.}

And it’s probably going to leave some black residue on your mouth and your teeth. Don’t worry – it easily goes away. We’ve taken the charcoal. The charcoal is going to take about 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes to get through all my intestine tract and absorb all my toxins that are in there and capsulate them and hold onto them.

So from there, after about, I’d say about 5-10 minutes, just start keeping your fluids up, maybe wait about half an hour, an hour, alright? Then you can go back to eating food again. Best not…what I want…one point I want to make to you and I’ve learned this from my own mistakes, don’t take the charcoal and then go straight and go ‘Okay, I’m feeling great. I can feel the burn’s going away, that…that side-effect from that flush is going away from the niacin. I’ve taken my charcoal. That’s stopped. Okay, I’m sweet.’ You go to have something to eat? Next thing you know, you’ve got the flush again, because you haven’t allowed enough time for the niacin to get out of your body and then after you feel that and all that hot flush is going away from the niacin – boom – then you can go back into drinking or eating food or going back to doing whatever you want to do, guys.

I hope you got something out of this. I hope you do take this on-board. Get yourself cleaned. Feel good. Lift your vibration. {Kiss} Peace! Love you! Bye!


Fat Cell Detox with E-Motion Health

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  1. Fascinating. So that’s why doctors give addicts charcoal in hospital. It’s good that these products r available. One question, if u don’t have a sauna canu use a hot shower or just exercise
    Thank you

    • Hi Tamaran – yes activated charcoal used in drug overdose is a very similar idea to the chelation principle used with the charcoal in this detox. Any part of this regimen is useful, if you are only able to complete the exercise section then that is better than nothing!

      • Not sure to be honest Ben. Sorry I cant help more, but if you search for the Dr we reference in the article he may have recommendations for this particular situation. Hope this helps!

  2. I personally recommend dehydrated water as that also works like the charcoal to increase the pull of toxins. Add in setting your mind set on what it is like when you are done already so that you are thinking end results and holding the emotions and feelings of what they is like, your body participates easier.

    • Hi Meg! Thanks for your question. We do not give out personal health advice but from our own experience 3-4 weekly appears to be fine for some people in our office.

  3. hi
    has any one done this using the Ion Cleanse from A Major Difference? i can’t do the sauna part and was wondering if this would be helpful, i have the equipment.

  4. Thank you for this information. Question: Will this detox also work for heavy metals and not just chemicals?
    Also, I have tried the detox with 200mg Niacin and did not experience any flushing, Do I need to take more?


  5. Hello, I was looking online to purchase activated charcoal and found the following comment. Is it true? If not which type of charcoal do to suggest, etc.
    You don’t want activated charcoal – over time it will deplete you of essential nutrients rendering you anaemic etc – it’s a super-adsorbent, best reserved for emergencies like overdose or poisoning. You need a charcoal like Toxin Buster which is ‘active’ but not ‘activated’ – it’s been potentised to gently remove only the negative toxins/pathogens etc from your system, thus it is safe enough for gentle yet powerful daily detoxing.

    • Hi Mel, an infra red sauna is best, but if this is unavailable the detox is still worthwhile using any other type of sauna (eg. your traditional steam sauna)! One love, Jenna

  6. You described how this works for heroin addicts… and historically why heroin addicts return to heroin after working so hard to get clean… The build up in their body being retained and outwaying their desire/ability to stay clean…
    Would this work for people wanting to give up smoking ?

  7. just go to a GNC health store and you can get a drink that will work in about an hour, you have to drink it then a lot of water, but it works. Was this awesnr helpful?

    • While we cannot give out personal health advice Elizabeth, in our experience as frequently as every few weeks to months is a great starting point!

    • Best to get advice from a medical practitioner as this is really influenced by your individual level of toxicity – But every few weeks is usually more than adequate for a ‘general’ patient.

    • I’m not sure sorry Debbie. While we can’t give out specific health advice typically any form of detoxing while breastfeeding can potentially be problematic as more toxins are mobilized into the blood, and then the breast milk. Definitely best to seek personal health advice on this one.

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