EMFs – Electromagnetic Frequencies

Today we are talking EMFs.

What are EMFs? They are electromagnetic frequencies. Invisible frequencies that surround us, penetrate us and just like X-Rays, have a big impact on our health.

When we think of EMFs we often think of wi-fi and mobile phones, but there are also natural EMFs which existed long before technological EMFs came about. Winfried Schumann, a German Physicist, discovered the Earth is constantly emitting an electromagnetic frequency of 7.83Hz. The impact of these natural and man-made EMFs on our health are huge. Find out more in today’s episode, along with some really amazing devices that can protect you from harmful EMFs.

EMF protection devices are always a hot topic of conversation in the E-Motion Health office. We have tried so many devices and would encourage you to choose a device that feels right for your needs and budget.

Tachyon Devices are an excellent option and one we recommend. If your interested in exploring Tachyon Devices you can visit their website via our affiliate link.

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Ty Hungerford: Hello, everyone! This is Ty from Alternative Health. Today we’re down at the beach. We just saw some dolphins out to our right. There’s surfers here. I’ve got my shoes off. I’m down in the sand. I’m soaking up the energy of the Earth and today we’re going to talk to you about EMFs.

What are EMFs? They’re electromagnetic frequencies. They’re invisible. We don’t know…we don’t know much about them. We can’t see them, but we know that they’re there and before all the mobile phones and before all the Wi-Fi and all that technology, all we had was natural EMFs and one man that worked all that out was named Winfried Schumann. He basically worked out that the Earth is constantly letting out a frequency into the ionosphere. Those frequencies that can be measured in hertz and the Earth’s frequency is measured at 7.83Hz, so the Earth is constantly beaming out a frequency into the ionosphere, right?

Now, guess what else they worked out? The brain lets out what we call alpha waves and guess what they’re measured at? 7.83Hz. What does that mean? I think what it means is over hundreds and thousands years we have become in sync with the Earth, that we vibrate its frequency that matches the Earth and that’s why when you go outside you feel really, really good. You know, that’s one way to test it, guys. Be indoors, be in all the artificial light and all the rest of it; walk outside and you instantly feel better.

Now, here’s a really cool experiment they did that kind of prove all of this. This bunch of scientists got all these students and put them in these underground bunkers and these underground bunkers, it blocked out all the natural EMFs of the Earth amidst, right? So after one, two, three hours, after a few days, all of a sudden every single one of those students was getting headaches; they weren’t being able to sleep well; they couldn’t focus; they were just basically feeling down. Then what the scientists did is they had a little man made transmitter in there; they started sending out all these EMFs at the same hertz, at the 7.83, the natural recurring hertz of the Earth and all of a sudden, within minutes, within hours, every single student was feeling better. They were able to focus; they were able to sleep; they were able to read. So that means that we’re in sync, even though we can’t see it, guys, we’re in sync with the frequencies of the Earth.

Now, let’s take it another step further. In 2006, we lost in some countries 70% of all our honeybees. Everyone was trying to work out, what’s happened to all our honeybees? I mean, honeybees are essential for life. We know this, guys – they pollinate all our nuts and our seeds. What one guy worked out, he put these eight hives, he set up these eight beehives and he put a DECT phone in five of the hives. Now, a DECT phone is like a cordless phone. You know, like in your home when you’re talking on a cordless phone? So, he put these DECT phones, right, in five hives and those five hives that had the DECT phones, 90% of the bees did not return back to the hive and in one of the hives, not one single bee returned, which is very alarming. Now, next, there were another three hives and in those three hives, all the bees came back. Bees basically navigate with electromagnetic frequencies. In the last thirty years we have flooded this planet with manmade EMFs. All these new electromagnetic fields in the air and the bee can’t navigate back to its little hive and the bee doesn’t know where he’s going. Who knows where the bee is going, but the bees aren’t there anymore and so we know it’s affecting nature.

Now, let’s take it another step further. We know that EMFs are affecting our bodies, because the microwaves that are being sent from the mobile phone tower to your phone that are then going through your skull and affecting your brain, are affecting your melatonin. Melatonin is the body’s most powerful antioxidant. It’s five times more powerful than vitamin C; it’s twice as powerful as Vitamin E. What melatonin does in your brain is when it detects that you’re asleep and there’s no light around, when your cells are recreating at night, there’s a waste product called free radicals and the melatonin, it basically goes through and flushes all your free radicals out, so you have healthy cell reproduction – that’s what melatonin does – and when you’re talking on your phone all the time and you’ve got this phone on your head day in and day out, you’re actually affecting your melatonin, guys, and that’s a very serious thing.

Our bodies are in sync with the natural EMFs of the Earth; now we’ve introduced all these man-made EMFs with all the cell phone towers, radio waves, microwaves, wireless, satellites. What do you think the satellites are doing? They’re beaming down EMFs on us. You can’t avoid it. We’re actually being saturated, but guess what? We’ve got a way around that. We’ve got what we call ‘electromagnetic chaos devices’ and we’ve got all sorts of them, something that can neutralize these EMFs and you can get them in pendants. You can wear them on your body. This is one that I wear, if you can have a little quick look at that – I wear that on my chest at all times. That’s really, really cool and it’s been really, really good for me. It makes me feel better and just basically like I said, it just neutralizes all those man-made EMFs from just bombarding my body.

This one here…this one here is kind of cool and interesting. This one protects your whole home from Wi-Fi, everything. Now, you can get them for your mobile phone. See this little one? They just stick onto your mobile phone – there’s one there and there’s another one there.

Alright, see, now we’re going to do a little experiment. This is super cool. We’re going to grab a phone that’s got a chaos device on it. I’m going to hold this to my chest and do a little muscle test and we’re going to grab a phone that doesn’t and we’re going to see if I test strong or if I test weak. We’ll really put it to the step for you.

Alright, Fraser, come on, jump right here, let’s do this. Okay, so you can see this phone has clearly got a chaos device on there. I’m going to hold it on. I’m going to focus on the phone. I’m going to tell myself that this phone is good for me.

{Another guy helps to muscle test and shakes his head as Ty’s arm doesn’t move down much.}

How did I go?

TH: You can’t do it the test is super strong, super strong. You just can’t handle my strength anyway. Alright, next phone…alright, this phone is almost destroyed, but it doesn’t have a chaos device on it, so okay, right now I’m just getting bombarded by EMFs. I don’t have my pendant on either. Okay, this phone is strong for me.

{Assistant muscle tests. Pushes down Ty’s arm without much effort.}

Assistant: Pinkie finger.

TH: Pinkie finger? Pinkie finger.

Assistant: Yeah.

TH: Pinkie finger. {TY focuses.} This phone is good for me.

{Assistant pushes down Ty’s arm using his pinkie finger almost effortlessly.}

And you see then, somehow and somewhere and I don’t know that, I don’t know exactly how muscle testing works, but my body detects that there’s EMFs bombarding my chest, which makes my muscles instantly go weak.

We’re going to try something…we’re going to try something new here. We’re going to grab this phone which doesn’t have a chaos device on it and we’re going to add our little magic dome, right? And we’re going to put the dome on there and maybe I’m going to put the dome on the inside. Okay, now we’re going to test again.

{Assistant muscle tests TY.}

Alright, this phone is good for me.

{Ty’s arm resists the pressure and doesn’t move down much.}

Assistant: Good. {Gives thumbs up.}

TH: There you go1 so all we did, I mean, you can’t walk around with these goofy things sticking to your phone every day; that wouldn’t be the super cool thing to do. Use your electromagnetic chaos devices, guys. Go to Alternative Health. We’ve…we’ve tested a lot of these. We’ve got the best ones on there you can go on there and be confident. We know which ones are good. Put them on your body. Use the pendants. Put them on your mobile phones. Get the ones that neutralizes your whole house and watch overtime, you’ll start feeling better. You’ll balance out your own natural frequency and you’ll notice overtime, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll sleep better, you’ll be able to focus more and you’ll be able to do what we’re trying to do here at Alternative Health every day is bringing your vibration up and be able to transmit into the cosmos your dreams and your desires and feel good and just be balanced in your body.

That’s it from me today. It’s super windy – I think we’re about to get blown away. We’ve had so much fun. We’ve been out here in nature. We’re talking about one of the {most} coolest things that we know about. {Kiss.} Love you guys! Thanks for listening to me. I’ll see you next time. Bye!


EMFs – Electromagnetic Frequencies

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    • Hi Veronice,

      EMFs, or Electromagnetic Frequency, protection devices are almost an essential piece of health care in today’s modern world. We are constantly bombarded with man-made, 2D EMFs which have been linked with insomnia, depression, irritability and other significant health issues.
      But choosing the right EMF device is no easy task. There are 1000’s on the market and no one size fit’s all model.

      Tachyon Devices are an excellent option and one we recommend. If your interested in exploring Tachyon Devices you can visit their website via our affiliate link (in the post above). Everyone in our office has a small Tachyon mobile phone device on their iPhone & this is a great place to start, especially if you use your phone as an alarm clock or sleep with your phone near your bed.

      If you live in sunny Australia, Orgone Effects have a great range of products. Visit http://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com/ to explore. Their Schumann generator is a great device to try for the house http://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com/product/schumann-generator/.

      By using muscle-testing (we’ll release an episode on this soon) and trial and error you can determine what is making your body strong and which device works best for you.

      Hope this helps!
      One love,
      E-Motion Team

  1. Thank you! I have been wondering about this for quite some time. It has been in my loooong to do list, but you have saved me the research time! Thanks from Sydney, Australia! I will be checking out the company you mentioned here.

  2. Hi Meritxell – I haven’t come across the shieldit stone. Can you post us a link? Muscle testing is a great way to determine if a particular device is good for you or not – We will be releasing a muscle testing episode soon too!

  3. I recently purchase some Orgone Effects products, including the Geocleanse Home Protector. As soon as I plugged it in, I felt an instant relief. There’s no need for me to muscle test this amazing piece of equipment. It’s been a great improvement to my health, as I work from home, and I’ve only owned it about 2 months. I thoroughly recommend this company and my email enquiry to them was responded to within hours (and I don’t work for them nor being paid to say this).

  4. Hey – I recently watched the movie and really enjoyed it. Thank you! I am an engineer that has been on the EMF topic for quite some time. I want to point out that although some devices/pendants/etc may help boost your energy body, the best solution to protect yourself is distance and shielding. You see, it’s not that we are constantly bombarded. Unless you put your smart phone to your head/body, use Wi-Fi all the time or live next to a cell phone tower, your exposure may not be that high. That is why I always recommend that people first implement some basic EMF reduction strategies. Also, please don’t put an iPhone to your head – even with a chaos reduction sticker on it. Use an “airtube” headset! Here is a site that will help you with some simple solutions: http://www.emfanalysis.com/emf-superhero/ Keep up the great work and thanks again for making your film!

  5. I have recently seen your film and I loved it. I will organize some viewings here in Malta as soon as the DVD will arrive.
    I am a Life Alignment practitioner and I can say, what the film talks about is what I experience every day with my Life Alignment clients.
    Life Alignment offers wonderful EMF and geopathic stress protection products. http://www.life-alignment.com/Pages/mt/products_412.html
    It would be lovely to get your feedback on them. Thanks for your amazing work!

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