The ancient wisdom on Fasting with Don Tolman

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health we have whole foods and fasting guru Don Tolman sharing some amazing and thought provoking wisdom!

Foods that affect adrenal fatigue and why sweet potato is the answer.

The ancient wisdom of how fasting can extend your life span. Tips on breaking a fast and Don’s own experience with 30 and 40 day straight water and sunshine fasts. As well as Don’s experience of the super-conscious states that fasting showed him.

Turning inorganic food into toxin free goodness using cheap and simple strategies and why having the flu is a good thing.

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To read the full English transcript of this E-Motion Health episode, read on… 

Ty Hungerford: This is Ty from Alternative Health and we have the massive pleasure today of visiting with Don Tolman. He’s got me on some preservative-free beer with plenty of lemons, so what he can tell you is it’s healthy, it’s good and we’re going to get to be doing some talking, right, Don?

Don Tolman: Oh, wow! Let’s go for it.

TH: The man don’t mind a talk!

DT: Yeah.

TH: So today we’ve got some questions to ask you, Don. Now, I’ve heard that you just did a 30-day fast in Fiji – is that correct?

DT: Yeah, I did.

TH: Did you…could you talk maybe about the experiences with that? Were there any revelations that you had or any preparation to go into a 30-day fast?

DT: You know, it’s interesting, because I’ve actually done five 40-days on just water.

TH: Wow…

DT: And the LA Film Factory and…Hollywood Films filmed the forty days and it was set at Panama City Beach, Florida and at the end of forty days on nothing but water and sunshine – it was filmed and there I was watched over 24 hours a day and I was there with thirteen people that had been sent from Cornell Medical, Johns Hopkins and other medical places that were supposedly terminal. Anyway, they went twenty days on water and then I put them on fresh juices and I stayed on water. Every one of those people had absolutely no diseased conditions at the end of twenty days on water and twenty days on juice. At the end of forty days on water I drank one liter or one quart of fresh grape juice and it energized me so much, I said, “I’m going to gonna go out and run!” So I went out running; the film crews jumped into a pickup truck and put their cameras in there and wanted to film me and I ran a marathon. I went 26 miles in that marathon…

TH: No! Come on, Don!

DT: Yeah, true story and it’s all documented, it’s all there.

TH: Wow…

DT: Well, anyway, I decided just a few months ago, ‘okay, I’m way overdue. I need to give my body a rest and strengthen it…’

TH: Yeah.

DT: And so I went to Fiji and went out to the Kadavu Islands, did the thirty days and it’s such a brilliant, wonderful feeling. I was on a little island, no other humans are on that island – it’s a private island.

TH: Yeah.

DT: I got permission from one of the chiefs of the cultures over there to do it and so I had a little tent, a little artesian spring to get the water, laid in the sunshine, swam in the ocean…

TH: Yeah.

DT: …And it was so fascinating because it brought back a lot of memories that are contained within us. There’s three levels of intelligence and cognitive process that there’s a conscious, there’s a subconscious and there’s super-conscious, the super-consciousness, and the subconscious and the super-consciousness work together.

TH: To access…anything.

DT: …And push information into the conscious beta wave round of the brain, and I know from my own experience that it’s true.

TH: Wow.

DT: And it’s so fascinating to see and to hear audio-video memory mind movies of things right out in front of you while you’re fully awake. Most of us have to go to sleep, then we dream, but during that fasting state of extended fasting you can actually have a moment of being able to dream and see those things while you’re fully awake and I had to come up with a name for it, and I just called it ‘Moving Optical Memory Projections,’ because if you don’t understand that it’s a record of a memory projected out in front of you to see in front of you, you’ll think it’s a three-dimensional physical experience. It is so brilliant and it’s just a fascinating experience…very…very healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and even socially in our personalities to do that kind of thing.

TH: But…you wouldn’t want to be in a…you can’t be in a stressful environment. You can’t have a lot of responsibilities. It’s like when you’re doing a fast like that, it’s just in a…in a right environment, rest, sunshine.

DT: And when you go out and you fast in an environment that is unstressed and you can get into the sun, you’re breathing outdoor fresh air and you can walk when you feel like it and lay down when you feel like it and just go with the feeling…

TH: Yeah…

DT: It’s so fascinating when you come through that experience and take the first bite of a fruit or a vegetable, a nut or a seed, whatever attracts you…

TH: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

DT: And you totally completely ensalivate it, the awakening of the powers of the nature and physics around this and how we are completely tied into that, it is brilliant…

TH: Damn…

DT: And I hope that more people can get back into that kind of an experience. It’s a fascinating history to go back into the ancient records and what’s actually recorded and held in collections of ancient and arcane materials that are still in collections there. A lot of them today though are under lock and key and you can’t get in, but back then it was a process of understanding through scholarly, meaning observation of nature, principles. Some of them wanted to go with what was called the ‘Rainbow Bridge,’ the seven colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – and so they would go seven days and eat nothing but red food on the day they were born on, the next day they’d go to orange food, the next day yellow food, and people can do this, just starting out anytime they want. They can try to walk the rainbow bridge, because the ancient wisdom was at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, a vessel of purity and life and health and shininess. You hit a point of going through this process to where you realize the reason you can see a rainbow in the sky, the sun is shining through molecules of water and it creates a rainbow. Water contains all the frequencies of light.

TH: Yeah, the water fast.

DT: The water fast, so when you go on water, there is fast which is eating the foods, faster drinking the juices of the foods, and then fastest path of healing emotionally, physically, mentally, socially is to be able to go on water, but you don’t do that unless you’re at least 22 years old. I lived amongst about…I don’t know, fourteen, fifteen different off-the-grid cultures that were disease-free, long-lived and happy. They had no doctors; they had no hospitals; they had no miracle supplements in a capsule form.

TH: Yeah.

DT: And yet even anthropologists who have studied these groups know these people, average of lifespan 120-155 years – how do they do that? So that’s what I was interested in. That’s what got me going and it’s time to bring this information back…

TH: Yes.

DT: …To the world. That’s all they wanted, it was for their descendants to know this as well, and a lot of people don’t realize the ancient observers knew, there’s not an animal on the face of this earth that will eat or…they won’t eat if they’re sick or injured.

TH: Exactly, the sick dog. I’ve seen it happening.

DT: They just stop, you know and the whole thing is, they won’t go back into eating until they intuitively and instinctively know, ‘My body is ready.’

TH: Yeah.

DT: And going on nothing but water and air and sunshine, they know instinctively that’s the fastest path, and as humans we’ve  been trained – ‘Oh, don’t listen to that! You know, if you skip meal you could become comatose and die…’

TH: Yeah, we need chicken soup, we need chicken soup when you’re sick, quick, yeah, yeah…

DT: No, it’s crazy…

TH: Which is like the worst thing you could do, right?

DT: Yeah…

TH: Sick, stop eating, rest, drink water.

DT: That’s it, and you’ll heal.

TH: So, going on what you’re saying then, Don, it’s a gauge that you find out for yourself. You start experimenting with it, doing little bits and pieces here and you suddenly get more confidence and you work out what’s…what’s the best method for you, right?

DT: That’s it. It’s your body.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Go with what you feel. Don’t live your life based on other people trying to live your life for you and tell you how.

TH: Opinions.

DT: Yeah, hear things, but go with how you feel about what you hear. Does this seem logical? Does this seem reasonable? What is my intuitive gut feeling about what I’m hearing and what I’m being exposed to?


TH: Yeah.

DT: You honor that and you can’t go wrong.

TH: And so if you…when you start doing it, Don, maybe do some…do some research, so if you’re doing a 3-day, 4-day fast, so then when you break the fast and you do go to eat something, you’re using the right types of foods and stuff, but anyone can find that in Google. You can just…you can work it out.

DT: Well, you can.

TH: Yeah.

DT: In fact, the very fats and the easiest is when you break a fast of one day, three days, ten days, forty days is fruit. Fruit, if you look up the word, it means to add splendor and life. Fruit is one of the healthiest things that you can reintroduce into the body after an extended fast. The word ‘vegetable’ means to make strong and to strengthen. Fruit – splendor and life.

TH: It’s to…

DT: And so when you break a fast, fruit is one of the best things that you can take in.

TH: Do you think we can get rid of negative, trapped emotion out of our body through fasting? Is that a…is that something you know about or is that a possibility?

DT: I know for a fact that you can. Whenever you are crushed, because of loss and grief of a loved one or some other thing, whenever you’re stressed and all your buttons are pushed and you’re just angry all the time and moving, they used to call it ‘venting’ – to vent your emotions, to vent discomforts from the internal part of the body even – and when you keep the body venting and it’s not closed off, you prevent ongoing problems, and that was prevention. We breathe in and out over 20,000 times a day and within that physiological process we’re getting rid of toxins and metabolic waste you’re breathing, the skin will evaporate about a liter or a liter and a half of water every 24-30 hours. It’s venting all the time. When we urinate, when we have a bowel movement, we’re venting, we’re clearing, and the emotion can be so toxic it slows down the venting process, and so when you fast, it’s speeds up the venting.

TH: Yes.

DT: It’s just like when people talk about having the flu, they don’t even realize that flu is the body kicking up venting because it hasn’t been venting.

TH: Yeah.

DT: You’re dehydrated, you’re toxic, you’re this, you’re that – that’s what influenza means, not fluing or not venting, and I think that people have emotional flu, and so it’s not venting, to be able to express it, but not in anger and not in all of these things. When you just fast, you are venting and healing the emotions at such a level it’s mindboggling.

TH: Yeah.

DT: And a lot of people when they’re completely stressed and having negative emotions and everything, they lose their appetite, but a lot of them think ‘Oh, I’d better eat anyway,’ and so then they continue the negativity and the emotional process. It’s like ‘Stop it.’

TH: Yeah.

DT: Drink a lot of water and then vent the emotions, because that’s what the body will…

TH: The body is just begging for you to stop, yeah?

DT: Yeah, it is. It actually is.

TH: So, Don, on top obviously eating whole foods, detoxing as much as we can, is there any other modalities like, is there any sort of practitioners that you go and see? Is there anything that you would recommend to us to do on top of those things?

DT: Anything that is non-invasive to the human body. People who are skilled at chiropractic, that’s a brilliant wisdom for thousands of years. It’s brilliant…

TH: Yeah.

DT: And the pharmaceutical-medical industry attacked it and said, ‘Oh, they’re quacks. They’re this. They’re that’ – no, it’s not. People who are skilled at that, it’s brilliant, and massage, even deep-lymphatic massage can help heal emotions and the physical body and everything else.

TH: Just get stuff that might be trapped in.

DT: Yeah.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Gravitational-fed colonics from colonic therapy.

TH: Yeah.

DT: As long as it’s gravity flow, perfect and, you know, it goes on and on, but movement, tai chi, you know, yoga, stretching.

TH: Breathing, breathe…through controlled breathing, yeah.

DT: A lot of people have forgotten there’s not an animal on this earth that if it just woke up, it’ll get up and go – no. they rotate, they stretch and you can see horses do it, cows do it.

TH: Cats…

DT: Cats do it.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Dogs do it, and we get up in the morning in our beds and jump out of bed and go. That’s wrong! Stop it.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Go back and lay in bed when you wake up, take the time to scrunch your neck, rotate your head each way, do your shoulders, stretch your arms, rotate your writs, lift your legs up, your, you know…

TH: Yeah, yeah…

DT: …Bend your knees up to the chest, rotate your ankles.

TH: Get some chi flowing around, huh?

DT: Yeah, and you know what, you only do that for one or two minutes, then get out of bed, you watch what happens to your emotions within just three or four days of doing that each day.

TH: Yeah.

DT: And a lot of people don’t even have a clue anyway.

TH: Wouldn’t even consider

DT: No!

TH: …Doing that.

DT: Those are the things that I support, things that are not invasive that actually lift the human body, love, intimacy, sexuality, hugs.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Healing, healing.

TH: Affection, yeah, affection.

DT: Too many couples get up in the morning and they’re so busy – {shows quick air kiss} ‘Bye, see you later!’ – and it creates distance and a failure of the relationship through emotions that are stressed and empty.

TH: When there’s no need for it.

DT: Yeah, hug. Put your hands on somebody’s face that you love and look in their eyes.

TH: Yeah.

DT: The eyes are the windows to the soul. Heal ach other. Even children – come on!

TH: Don, there’s a lot of people that I meet who are suffering from fatigue, just that they’re down, a drain or fatigue. Is this…is this something that we can easily overcome? Is there some…is there some…say, in a nutshell, what’s…what’s a quick way to get around that?

DT: You know, again, it’s fast, faster and fastest.

TH: Yeah.

DT: But one of the things people need to understand is how you shut down your adrenals to where you don’t have adrenaline pumping and giving you energy. Adrenaline, a lot of people don’t understand, it comes from the pancreas, which produces two mega hormones that they know of – one is insulin, which makes you tired and lethargic and lay down layers of fat to protect the nervous system; the other mega hormone is glucagon. Glucagon is produced by the pancreas and it produces in the adrenal adrenaline. So you feel energized. Okay, so, all of that comes from what today in studies of chemistry calls carbohydrates or sugars. There are fast sugars and there are slow sugars that they know of. Fast sugars come from refined sugars, synthetically, artificially, commercially manufactured sugars, then, artificial, chemical sweeteners like aspartame and other things.

TH: Deadly poison.

DT: Those are fast sugars. They are toxic and even deadly. They are neurodegenerative and shut down the production of glucagon, therefore create fatigue. They give you a sugar high and then you crash.

TH: And there’s a big percentage of fast foods, fast…

DT: It’s one of the biggest things out there.

TH: Yeah.

DT: You get a high and you crash so you have more high-crash-add more. Large molecules of sugars come from fruit and things like sweet potatoes. A sweet potato looks just like the pancreas. We’ve had people that were diagnosed as type-1 diabetics and type-2 diabetics and you know what? They throw the insulin in the garbage or they take baby steps and cut down the dosage, whatever they’re mentally or emotionally capable of.

TH: Yeah, yeah…

DT: And they go on nothing but a fruit and sweet potato diet; within thirty days, we have over a thousand people who were type-1 diabetics no longer diabetic.

TH: Damn…

DT: And fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fruit is the number one healer of that problem. Fast sugars cross the blood-brain barrier so quickly, it gives you a spike, but the brain knows you’re in danger, so it causes the pancreas to produce insulin to make you tired and fatigued. It’s all you get.

TH: And you know what, you hear these girls, ‘Oh, I don’t eat fruit. It puts on weight! It puts on weight! There’s so much…’ – oh, man…

DT: It’s such a scam. ‘Oh, watermelon – it has forty five teaspoons of sugar just in one piece.’ People are so…

TH: Conditioned, huh?

DT: Conditioned and blind, they believe all of the bought and paid for pharmaceutical crap in order to sell aspartame and refined sugars and insulin.


If you’ll just go on a fruit diet, it will blow you away.

TH: Wow.

DT: Heal you.

TH: And a lot of people, when they start getting into the fruits and vegetables they’re a bit scared about pesticides, herbicides. If we…if we are…say we cannot find organics or we can’t afford organics, can we quickly make normal vegetables okay to eat?

DT: Absolutely, and here’s the thing that kind of crushes me in the organic movement. A lot of the organic foods they buy in the United States and some other countries has been in cold storage for up until 3-4 years. They’re not even fresh in this season…

TH: Cold storage…! What do you mean, frozen?

DT: Yeah, and then they set them out on the shelves, squirt them with water so they look fresh. The nutritional components of the cells of those plants are diminished.

TH: Yeah.

DT: But if you have locally grown farmers’ markets’ organics, fabulous.

TH: Yes.

DT: If you can’t get organic, what we did at Arizona State University, a good friend of mine, Norman Walker, he’s gone now; he was told by doctors he would be dead at age 52 and he was fifty at the time. He walked away from that, didn’t do it – he and I were neighbors – he decided to go into juices. He died at age 109.

TH: No shit!

DT: Never went to the doctors again. We went into the lab, because he was the Professor of Agriculture and Chemistry at Arizona State University. He had a spectral analysis…analysis machine equipment and everything. He said, “Come on with me. I wanna show you something, because in the future I think it’s going to be important to the people.”

TH: Yeah.

DT: And I said, “Yeah, let’s go.” We went down into Scottsdale, Fifth Avenue, went to the farmers’ markets, got organic food, went over to a store called Alpha-Beta, which is not organic food, just regular produce.

TH: Yeah, whatever.

DT: And we went in there and we got that. We went into the lab and he chopped up the inorganic, chopped up some of the organic. The inorganic, he put it in the spectral analysis and it showed over thirty to thirty five toxic poisonous chemicals that were in insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, it was not good, and he goes, “Now, watch this.” He took the organic food, put it in. there was nothing, and he said, “Here’s what people don’t understand. All of the plants from grass to trees to fruits to vegetables to all of them produce oleochemicals that will not allow inside the food any toxicities.”

TH: It’s how they survive.

DT: And I said, “Okay, wow, ha…” and he goes “Watch this.” He goes over and gets the inorganic food, the other half that he hadn’t chopped up, chopped it up and put it into a…one…he did one cup as we had so much of it in one cup of apple cider vinegar, two litters of water and he put it into there and swirled it around and then rinsed it off, put it in spectral analysis, it was as clean as the organic food.

TH: Wow…

DT: And you don’t have to chop it up first. He said, “I’ll just keep some of this whole” and he set it over there, he just did that, washed it and then put it in, nothing, and so people need to know that.

TH: That’s important information. It’s extremely important.

DT: And the cost of organic food is a financial scam. It costs less to grow that than all of the herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and all of that.

TH: So we can easily get around it…

DT: Get around it.

TH: Apple cider vinegar.

DT: Apple cider vinegar.

TH: A couple of extra minutes in preparation, boom.

DT: Yeah, if you don’t have a lot of the food to do, just put in, you know, four or five tablespoons in a half a liter of water and swish it around, rinse it off, you’re good to go. It works. When the Pharmacia, the Poison Makers went in…to Lake Alexandria…

TH: Who are the Poison Makers, man? What…what was the…what was the Poison Makers?

DT: The Poison Makers all throughout history have hated scholars and healers. They wanted people to have poisons and to have to come to them to get it. The word ‘pharmaceutical’ means ‘poison maker.’ It’s that industry…

TH: So it goes back, way…way…

DT: Oh, the earliest dynasties of Egypt, the pharmaceuticals, the poison makers murdered the Swnwt, the lady healers of Egypt, murdered them all. They wanted them gone and so then you come down through time, it happened again and again. It happened in 600B.C. They went in there the Pythagorean Academy where they embraced scholarly genius and healing. Pythagoras and all the ones there, they murdered them, burned their records. Luckily as far as the record shows, Pythagoras escaped in 326A.D. All of the scholar healers from around the world gathered in the Greco-Roman empire and built a collection of stones so they could keep the records from all the cultures there called the Alexandrian Library. The Pharmacia heard about it, went over there and murdered all of them and burned their records. They found out the scholars and healers had built a backed up collection in Ephesus, so they went over there and murdered them and burned it and…and then it goes on and on, but finally, the men and women scholars and healers had to go underground. When the new America was being put together, they came there, the vicar, the women of wisdom and healing, genius female scholars and then the powers of Europe and the Pharmacia and everything came over there, found them, burned them, murdered them and got rid of all of them again.

TH: Again.

DT: Ancients, scholars, which means observers – scholar is anyone who naturally observes out of interest.

TH: Yeah.

DT: Every child born on the face of this earth is a natural scholastic genius. Kids are on fire.

TH: Yeah.

DT: They’re interested. They watch, they observe, they use their senses, they pick stuff up and taste it {postures dislike and throwing away} and they go on.

TH: Yeah…yeah…

DT: And then they’re shoved into brick and mortar buildings, they sit in neat little rows to chant-memorize preselected answers on curriculums that are put into place by multinational corporations to gain control and it gets you to get a career to help them.

TH: Let’s go worker bees. Let’s go worker bees.

DT: And these little kids, and I’m thankful, I’ve been barking this for over forty years, but just in the last seven years documentaries and others are now coming forward and exposing formal education is ruining the creative genius. They master language on their own. They know hundreds of words by age one and half, and they’ve mastered that language typically by around age five. They know thousands of words and they can speak any language that they have been exposed to. How did they do that? They didn’t go to school. They didn’t chant-memorize anything. They didn’t sit in neat little rows. They weren’t put on Ritalin and all the other drugs. They master the ability to speak and communicate on their own, and so what happens is they lose the scholastic genius by having to chant-memorize these preselected answers put in blanks to get a grade that is good.

TH: Yeah.

DT: And they’re not even interested. So a lot of young children lose their love of learning, their confidence, their self-esteem, but the worst thing is they lose who they are and who they were coming into the world on fire. You get the ancient records of communities in the ancient world.

TH: Yeah.

DT: They have records that show the measures of distance of the earth to the moon and to thirteen planets. Look up Haumea and Eres and Ceres and all the others, look them up, thirteen planets, and they wrote and recorded the distance of the earth to those planets, all of them, and today’s astrophysicists are agreeing that that’s exactly right. How did they know that back then? How did they do that?

TH: So the thirteen…on the body, the thirteen points, what is it?

DT: Yeah, it’s interesting because anciently they knew and they taught it, and even at medical university studies, their researchers know it’s correct. There’s only one disease. You can look up on the internet how many human diseases are there and it’ll show sixteen thousand, twenty-four, thirty-six, I don’t know all this stuff. There’s only one – chaos at the atomic level of the body that leads to molecular chaos, that leads to cellular chaos. There’s only two causes of any discomfort or disease in the body – they knew it – toxicity and deficiency – that’s it. there’s no mystery. You’re either toxic or you’re deficient. They knew there were doorways into the body for toxicities to enter and to also be removed. Today in the medical world it’s called enterologies, doorways to enter and to remove.

The thirteen enterologies was the sacredness of the teachers of the ancient world. You have thirteen doors into and out of the body that creates disease and clears and heals disease. One, two {touches his ears), three, four {touches around eyes}, five, six {presses nostrils}, seven {touches below mouth}, eight, nine {touches chest}, ten {points below}, eleven {points towards bottom} and the skin in number twelve – poisons and toxicities can go through the skin and they can come out of the skin, and in the modern world you will not believe the toxic chemicals people put on their skin, on their head, all this stuff…

TH: Moisturizers…shampoos…

DT: Exactly, and the thirteenth is called the ‘Always Seeing Eye’ {touched the middle of forehead} – today we know it as imagination, thoughts. Your thoughts can be toxic or healing and your thoughts create you emotions that create your behaviors.

TH: It’s taken control with the media and they nail us every damn day.

DT: Every day. We’ve got to wake up people and clear it out and get back to embracing the physics of nature that is around us, because that’s what we’re made of.

TH: It’s…it’s broken down, it’s so simple, isn’t it, Don? It’s so…

DT: Totally.

TH: It’s so simple, man.

DT: Cheers, man.

TH: Thanks so much, Don. It’s been such a pleasure, man, for sharing…

DT: Thank you.

TH: We’re settling down now. We’re signing off. Don’s had enough. We’ve…we’ve said enough, haven’t we, Don?

DT: …Yes, probably time to drink some beer.

TH: Yeah, God bless you. Guys, I wish you could be here right with us now. I mean, what a pleasure to get to hang out with Don Tolman. He’s just an amazing man, so generous. He’s just given us so much information. Thanks, Don, appreciate it, brother, really do, man, appreciate it.

DT: Thank you, I appreciate you, Ty.

TH: Thank you, guys. See you, love you. Peace.

DT: Take care.

The ancient wisdom on Fasting with Don Tolman

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  2. How do toxins enter through points right and nine when pointing to the chest? Are we to interpret that specifically through the nipples? Would that only be if we are nursing on our mother’s at infancy? Please clarify this matter.

  3. this is one of the most valuable videos I have seen in ages…I have never heard of this guy….can’t wait to google him, can’t wait to do more research on many of the things he talked about….absolutely amazing!!

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