Randy Robirds talks Creative Emotional Wizardry

Today we have an interview with a really interesting guy to share with you, Dr Randy Robirds.

Randy is the founder of Creative Emotional Wizardry, a modality using muscle testing (which we explored last episode – check it out here if you missed it) which explores the Metaphysical side of health such as curses, spells and vows.

Creative Emotional Wizardry E-Motion Health

Now at first this might seem a little crazy, but here at E-Motion Health we don’t share a modality or concept unless we resonate 100%. And during the filming of this episode, Randy worked on each member, all of whom reported a tangible improvement in energy levels (and relationship status!).

Take a look and judge for yourself. It’s all energy, it’s all energy in motion. E-Motion.

Watch the full episode here (8 minutes):

You can find out more about Creative Emotional Wizardry here


Randy Robirds talks Creative Emotional Wizardry

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  1. I love this! thank you so much for sharing. To see you healed reminds me while we are on the journey to be light workers, healers, assisting others, we still have our ‘stuff’ to clear and resolve… beautiful! xo

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