We would love to hear from you, but if it’s a quick query, take a look at these FAQ to see if we can answer you straight away.

1. Where can I watch the film?

You can buy the DVD, stream the film in HR or download the film in HR online via our website. You can also buy the DVD in selected retail stores around the globe.

2. Should I buy a NTSC or PAL DVD?

Depending on where you live in the world, DVD formats vary. Typically North America and Japan use NTSC format DVDs. While Europe, Oceania including Australia and Africa use PAL format DVDs. Find a complete list of countries and formats here.

3. Is the film available internationally?

Yes! E-Motion is available worldwide to rent online or buy via our website. We have a format for every corner of the word!

4. What language is the DVD? Do you have subtitles?

E-Motion is presented in English. Some of our film options have subtitles available.
DVDs: Subtitles are available in English, espanol, Deutsch, Nederlands for all NTSC DVDs and PAL DVDs outside Australia & NZ
Stream via Vimeo: Subtitles are available in espanol, Deutsch and Nederlands by clicking the ‘CC’ button on the bottom right of the digital stream player
Download via Vimeo: Subtitles are available for download in espanol, Deutsch and Nederlands

5. My DVD hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Our DVD orders can take from 1-21 days to arrive depending on where in the world you are. Although this is a little slower than we would like, this is the best our small distribution team can manage at the moment and your patient is appreciated. If your order has not arrived within this time period, which is highly unusual, please let us know by contacting

6. Where can I download my free Don Tolman’s Whole Foods eBook?

When you sign up to our bonus videos you will receive Don Tolman’s Whole Foods eBook as well as some amazing bonus E-Motion Health episodes with your first e-mail. Check your spam and trash folders if have signed up, but are not receiving our e-mails.

7. How can I set up a screening for my school, group or community?

Please visit our Screening page for all the details. Please visit our Facebook page to view the upcoming screenings registered with us.

8. Can I order the DVD in bulk quantities?

Yes, the E-Motion DVD is available to purchase in bulk quantities and wholesale prices. Please contact for more information and wholesale prices.

9. If I am a retailer looking to re-sell the DVD, how do I set up a wholesale account?

Please contact for more information and wholesale prices.

10. How can I become an Affiliate?

Please visit our Affiliates page for all the juicy details.

11. Can I subscribe to the E-Motion Health mailing list?

Of course you can! Subscribe here to receive bonus E-Motion Health videos, exclusive offers, special events and expert advice.

12. My DVD is faulty, or I would like to return my purchase

If you are unable to stream your purchase, or never received your DVD, you may be eligible for a refund. Please contact for all inquiries.

13. Where can I reach the film-makers?

The talented team at Play Pictures are the driving force behind this film. Contact to get in touch.

Still have a question?

If you still have a question or just want to say hi send us an email at and we will get back to you within four business days.