Colon Cleanse in action

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Ty is talking to us about colon cleanses. Also known as colonics, colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, today Ty is actually having a colon cleanse during the episode (warning: this is a little unconventional)…


Colonic cleanses are a direct and potent way to remove built up waste from the colon and large intestine. While the therapy is considered controversial, this is one way to eliminate toxins from the body and ultimately raise your vibration, allowing you to think and act more clearly. This episode explores the concept that health is the natural state of being, and disease can be treated by returning health to the basics – such as a functioning digestive system – not through drugs.

Also in the episode Ty mentions quite a few cleanses that will be coming up in future E-Motion Health episodes. You can check out the Fat Cell Cleanse here.

Watch the full episode here (6 minutes) & leave us a comment. Have you had a colonic? What is your experience?


Colon Cleanse in action

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  1. Ha ha, he is a brave man!I like this episode, but want to make you aware of a mistake: You can not absorb more nutrients by doing a colon cleanse. Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestines, and not in the colon. The colon only reabsorby water and a colon cleanse does not reach the upper part.

  2. Wow! You are a star Ty :) :)
    I had a colonic a few years ago at a “Colonic clinic” and it was one of my worst experiences. Maybe the “professional” was not as professional, because I got extreme pain and the sensations were also very unpleasant. So, I do my own enemas (Bucket of 1-2 litters) at my own pace without any pain :)

  3. I can’t believe you did this Ty!! But so glad you did – many people are put off from having colonic cleanses because they don’t know what it involves exactly so hopefully you have encouraged many people to go for it who otherwise wouldn’t have done. Good on you!! Blessings.

  4. Love your style Ty, and your commitment to sharing with others! Great example of a high level of consciousness my friend. I’ve been doing colonics for 10 years since following the work of the late Dr Bernard Jensen, one of the pioneers of colon health. A someone who travels to 20 countries a year – this is one of my secrets to abundant energy with a hectic lifestyle. Great work buddy.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment! We completely agree, intestine perforation is a serious issue – which is why it’s essential to use a trained professional and sterile equipment. When used in a professional setting the risk of side effects, such as perforation, are incredibly low. On the topic of weight loss – it’s important to consider how much weight impacted feces makes up of the total body weight. In the case of many clients, several lb’s can be ‘lost’ after just one session of colonic hydrotherapy due to the removal of old fecal matter. This ‘weight loss’ is not associated with a change in electrolytes, as it is specific to the internal intestine track (not affecting the blood). Thank you again for your comment though. We love these kinds of discussion to be had in public and would encourage any person, considering any invasive therapy to do their own research!

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