Interview: Dain Heer on Access Consciousness

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Ty is talking with Dr Dain Heer, found of Access Consciousness.

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Access Consciousness is a set of tools, techniques, information and way of looking at the world which allow you to change anything you’ve ever wanted to change, all based on the underlying principle that consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

Dr Dain explains judgement is one of the biggest killers of love, gratitude and joy. Every time we judge we create a tidal wave which crushes our opportunity to grow and thrive in happiness. But so often our judgement is not even our own. It’s judgement accumulated from those around us, society and old beliefs which are no longer a true reflection of your inner state of health.

Ask yourself ‘If I had no judgement in this situation, what could I choose?’ and let us know what you are ready to let go of in the comment section.

Watch the full episode here (13 minutes):

MINDFUL MOMENT: As yourself the questions that Dr Dain suggests
1. If I had no judgement in this situation, what could I choose?
2. How does it get any better than this?
Share your insights in the comments, we would love to know what you are processing!


Interview: Dain Heer on Access Consciousness

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  1. I felt like I was going to cry when he brought up mid-life crisis. I got divorced 3 years ago. I would say I forced the situation and caused a lot of grief. I understand why finally. I had been dissatisfied and put everyones needs before my own for 24 years I could do it no longer. I have to read this book.

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