“Emotions tend to build up and we tend to push them away as they build up, because we’d been taught to resist things that don’t feel good instead of feel the things that don’t feel good”

The Wonder Method shifts you at the foundational level; the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It is like pushing a reset button for your life. You can then use these tools to affect the most basic aspects of your health, and your relationship with your entire world. This is truly astounding work and is the culmination of more than nine years of research and experimentation. We teach you how to begin the journey of awareness and freedom, allowing you to rediscover your unlimited self. You will unlock yourself from the status quo using a combination of breathing, gentle movement and feeling, allowing each day to be an expression of joy and freedom. Here the only limits on your life are those that you impose on yourself. The Wonder Method is your avenue to a joy beyond compare. Find out more at alain-herriott